Russian Association of Oncological Urology

To be with the experts is to become an expert

The Russian Association of Oncological Urology creates the environment for professional development. The new generation of urologic oncologists must be ready to accept and apply all the world's medical advances.


A member of RAOU could:

  • Participate in educational and targeted grants.
    RAOU supports the professional growth of researchers, young specialists, and future physicians and creates conditions for the participation of Russian experts in EAU and ESMO congresses. RAOU provides interaction between students and physicians and supports the growth of future professionals.
  • Get access to an expanded business and research program.
    Our professional space is open to all. But at some meetings, doctors only talk to doctors: there are additional sections and an extended research and business program for the RAOU members. Some meetings provide access to the content of foreign congresses. And, of course, for the RAOU members only: participation in clinical case reviews at joint virtual meetings with the world leading experts.
  • Participate in the development of health care regulatory acts.
    RAOU is actively involved in the development and discussion of standards of care and contributes as much as it can to educating health care administrators about the needs of patients. To be a member of RAOU means to discuss recommendations and amendments with the community and pass them on to the administrative bodies.
  • Hold a professional event in your region.
    RAOU supports regional initiatives and helps to organize round tables, congresses, trainings, and meetings with experts. We hold events in all regions where there is a RAOU regional division.
  • Express an opinion in a professional environment.
    Every RAOU member can post to the RAOU website and express his/her own opinion in the comments to the Cancer Urology articles. If your publication does not contradict ethical norms and is not incompatible with science, we will promote it on all professional platforms.
  • Communicate with world leaders.
    RAOU organizes both virtual and face-to-face meetings with world experts who will answer your questions, as well as joint clinical case reviews and trainings in which you can participate as a student or lecturer. RAOU unites more than 2,500 experts; one in twenty is a participant in global clinical research protocols or a co-author of global consensus decisions or treatment guidelines.

RAOU is an environment for professional growth and formation of expert-level specialists. We are working to ensure that the level of urologic oncology care in Russia meets international
standards and that the new generation of urologic oncologists will be ready to accept and apply all global medical advances.

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Chief Editor

Boris P. Matveev

M.D., Professor, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, President of the Russian Association of Oncological Urology, Deputy Director for Scientific and Innovative Work of the Administrative Office, Head of the Urology Department of the Research Institute of Clinical Oncology of the FSBI “N.N. Blokhin National Medical Research Center of Oncology” of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Moscow